Saturday, February 18, 2012

Brew Day -All Grain Belgian Dubbel

Last week I wrote a post on a Belgian Dubbel recipe.  Due to some time constraints, I was not able to brew it when I wanted to, nor blog the brew day.  Today's post is a quick re-cap on the brew day.

If you look at the recipe in the post linked above, it's different than what I ended up with, mostly because I miss-spoke when ordering the grains.  No fear, by upping my batch to 5.5 Gallons and adding extra grains I had lying around, we end up with a good looking recipe for the style.  So without further ado

Jameson's Belgian Dubbel
12.5# Organic Gammbrinus Pale Ale Malt (3.0 SRM)
1# Organic Gambrinus Munich (10.0 SRM)
.5# Organic Briess 60L (60 SRM)
.5# Organic Breiss 120 L (120 SRM)
.25# Organic CaraMunich (56 SRM)
1# Organic Belgian Amber Candi Syrup (45 SRM)
.5 oz Organic Belgian Admiral Pellet Hops (13.48% AAU)   20.3 IBU @ 60 min boil
.5 oz Organic Belgian Cascade Pellet Hops (3.2% AAU) 2.9 IBU  @ 20 min boil
.5 oz Organic Kent Golding (7% AAU) 0 IBU @ 5 min
White Labs Belgian Strong Ale Liquid Yeast (WPL550)

Projected Values
OG: 1.073
IBUs: 23.2
Color: 17.4 SRM
ABV%: 8.1

Target Strike Temp: 155°F

HLT: Hot liquid tun.  Also known as a "Brew Pot".  Used to heat water and boil wort.


  1. Heated 9 Gallons of water to 172°F
  2. Mixed heated water and crushed mixed grains in my MLT using about 6 Gallons of water
    1. Mix Grains and water about 1/3 at a time.  
    2. Stir to ensure no pockets of dry grain exist
    3. Adjust water amount so that your grains are fully covered by a small amount of water
  3. Allow temperature to adjust to strike temperature
    1. After 10 minutes, mash temperature was 154°
  4. Allow mash to sit for 50 minutes
  5. During mash period, begin heating remaining water, plus 2 extra gallons for sparge.  Heat to 175°f
  6. After mash is completed, begin batch sparge
    1. Begin draining liquid from the mash tun
    2. Return the first 1/2 to 1 gallon of liquid carefully back to MLT
    3. Repeat until runnings are clear of particles.
    4. Fully drain all liquid from the MLT
    5. Add heated sparge water from HLT, enough to cover grains and stir
    6. Repeat steps 1-4
    7. Repeat step 5-6 with remaining water
    8. Drain until about 6 Gallons of liquid collected
  7. Take collected sparge runnings (6 gallons), and bring to a boil
  8. Add .5 oz Organic Belgian Amarillo Pellet Hops
  9. After 40 min, add .5 oz Organic Belgian Cascade Pellet hops
  10. 15 minutes later add 1 oz Organic Kent Golding Pellet Hops
  11. Boil 5 minutes more
  12. Begin cooling
    1. Keeping everything sterile, filter out hops if possible
  13. Transfer into fermenter
  14. Aerate 
  15. Pitch yeast
  16. Seal fermenter and wait!
Final Projections and Mesurments:
OG: 1.070
IBUs: 23.2
Color: 17.4 SRM
ABV%: 7.8%

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