Thursday, February 9, 2012

Administrative - A Quick Welcome

Over the next few days, a few other brewers will be joining in on the Adventures in Zymology blogging.  Each brewer will bring their own style and focus on brewing (if you haven't noticed mine are quite technical). Currently we have an additional three bloggers joining up.   Hopefully we'll see some posts in the near future (although all of them are way more busy than I am).

One great thing about brewing is that there are many different ways to the same end.  Don't be surprise if there are posts that almost contradict others - there is more than one way to skin a cat.

Also note, any blogger who joins has full control of content, nothing will be edited.  Most my posts have been very focused on brewing and brewing science.  This could change, as new bloggers aren't required to only blog about brewing.  I hope to see some post in the future that may spread out from just blogging brewing processes and brewing science into brewing activism (it exists) and springboard into any topic the author chooses.  Hopefully it will bring some variety into the blog!

Anyway, keep a look out for post by new bloggers, and if you brew and would like to join the AiZ network, please feel free to request!


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